Shallow Water F4 Console

First Class Mud Boat

This boat, featuring the hardened 5086 .125 thick aluminum is quality top to bottom. Craftsmanship combined with toughness, all in one sweet package. The Mud Buddy Sport 4400 electric shifter, trim and throttle assembly makes going from forward to neutral and to reverse so simple and so quick. You must drive this rig, feel the power and enjoy slip free tight turns. It surely is, the boat to own.

1854 Shallow Water F4 Console


1854 | 18′

Hull Thickness (5086)
1854 | .125

1854 | 54″

Max HP
1854 | 70

1854 | 69″

1854 | 735 lbs.

Capacity Person/Lbs
1854 | 4/560

Transom Height
1854 | 20″

Gunwale Height
1854 | 25″

F4 Step Deck Console

Excel shallow water boats with the triple taper chine roll into turns with limited slip. These hulls plane quickly, turn on a dime and are specifically designed for shallow water surface drive mud motors. Coupled with our F4 step deck, nothing matches the performance of this hull in shallow water.

Triple Taper Chine

Electric Shift F-N-R

1854 Shallow Water F4 Console

Tubular 1/4″ Bow

Orca Cooler Option

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