The return of an Excel classic.

The Eclipse marks the return of an Excel classic. This shallow water design is simple, sleek, versatile (can be run with a Mud Buddy or outboard) and is a tremendous VALUE. The Eclipse is designed and assembled by employees of our Mountain View facility for hunters and fishermen. It was unveiled on the day of the fall eclipse and named as such.

Also, check out our all-new Natural Gear gray camo. Another classic exclusive to the Eclipse.



Max HP
15′ | 45
17′ | 60

Hull Thickness
15′ | .100 ga.
17′ | .125 ga.


Transom Height

Boat Weight
15′ | 640 lbs.
17′ | 650 lbs.

Side Height
15′ | 24″
17′ | 25″

Fuel Gallon
11 gal

15′ | 71″
17′ | 69″

Capacity (persons/lbs.)
15′ | 3/315
17′ | 4/560

Shallow Water Triple Taper Chine

Excel shallow water boats with the triple taper chine roll into turns with limited slip. These hulls plane quickly, turn on a dime and are specifically designed for shallow water surface drive mud motors.

It is one of our toughest and lightest boat packages designed to run very shallow water, and particulary the extreme backwater marshes and timber of Arkansas. As you can imagine, it works well in all parts of the country.

Triple Taper Chine
Excel Eclipse

Control Panel

Adjustable Stand Up Bar

Storage Trays

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