F4 Pro Hull
Extreme Shallow Water Performance

The original duck boat step deck transom boat.

Over 20 years ago, Excel CEO Glenn Foreman introduced the first step deck (the MR18 Duck Boat) to the shallow water duck boat industry. Today, most duck boat lines feature this step deck design.


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The Excel Pro Hull is a culmination of many years of duck boat ingenuity and this step deck is indeed designed to be what duck hunters want - light, tough and quick. The Pro Hull open hull design with reinforced floor will take you into those redfish and duck hunting extreme shallow water areas with ease. It runs shallower, is easy to turn with its triple taper chine and flat bottom and has exceptional high end speeds. Of course there are many options to choose from with this F4 Pro Hull, but this boat comes standard with full floor, low or high front deck, front grab rail, stand up bar, interior lights, bilge, running lights, step deck and some serious get-up-and-go attitude.


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The Grind Waterfowl TV Show "Why we got the Excel 1860 and the Mud Buddy 5000"


F-4 Pro Hull

Side or
1751 (coming soon) 1754 1851 (coming soon) 1854 1860
Length 17' 17' 18' 18' 18'
Bottom 51" 54" 51" 54" 60"
Beam 68" 69" 68" 69" 75"
Per/Lbs. 4/560 4/560 4/560 5/560 5/700
Transom Height 20" 20" 20" 20" 20"
Gunwale Height 25" 25" 25" 25" 25"
Hull Thickness 5086 or 5052 Aluminum .100 &.125 .100 &.125 .100 .100 &.125 .100 .100 &.125 .100 &.125
Max HP 50 50 50 60 60

Excel Duck Boat
Pro Hull with gun box, low front deck w/storage and dry seat box storage. Shown with optional Optifade Marsh camo.

Pro Hull Safety floatation


Coast Guard approved shallow water marine craft floatation intalled on every model.

  • F4 Step Deck
  • Khaki or OD Green
  • Optimal 17 degree transoms for superior mud motor trim control
  • Seat Box Dry Storage
  • Bow Rails
  • Shallow Water Flotation
  • Triple Taper Chine
  • Full Flat Floor
  • Extruded Gunwale (w/rubber rub rail and slotted interior for accessory mounting)
  • Front Deck Fuel Tank Storage Area
  • Welded-in Full Floors
  • Longitudinal Full Length 2" X 4" Ribs - 6063 Alloy
  • Gun and Rod Storage Box(s) option
  • High Transom Only
  • Navigation Lights
  • Fold-Down Stand up Bar (3-pin adjustable)
  • Interior Lights
  • High or Low Front Deck
  • Recessed Light Control Panel w/Interior Courtesy Light, 12Volt Plug & Rocker Switches with Breakers
  • Bilge 800 GPH


  • .125 Upgrade (5052)
  • .125 Upgrade (5086) necessary for extreme shallow water use.
  • Rear Hand Rails
  • Seat Bases on Floor & Decks (specify location)
  • Camo (Optifade™ Marsh, Optifade™ Timber, Max-4, Natural Gear, & Old School)
  • Interior Superliner Coating
  • Built-In 3,000lb KFI Winch (Except Bull Nose Option)
  • Twin 5800 Lumen LED Headlights
  • Interior LED Gunwale Lighting (White, Blue, Red or Green LED’s)
  • Built-In 11 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Cup & Shell Holder
  • Spud Poles
  • Trolling Motor Kit
  • Full Line of Minnkota Trolling Motors
  • Full Line of Mud Buddy Shallow Water Motors

Excel Boats



Shallow Water F4

F4 Triple Taper Hull

Excel shallow water boats with the triple taper chine roll into turns with limited slip. These hulls plane quickly, turn on a dime and are specifically designed for shallow water surface drive mud motors. Coupled with our F4 step deck, nothing matches the performance of this hull in shallow water.

Key Features - Pro Hull Reinforced Floor


The F4 Pro Hull comes in 5052 (.100 or .125 thick) or 5086 (.125 hardened) aluminum alloy. The full floor has 4 to 5 (depending on model width) 2"X4" extruded longitudinal ribs that run lengthwise to the bow of the boat.


The floor also has 2 ea, 2" cross braces that reinforce the floor further, making this the toughest shallow water boat floor ever made.


Mud Buddy Motors


All brands of mud motors work well on our Excel boats. Full feature surface drive motors like the Mud Buddy with electric shift F-N-R, tough out drives and reliable power allow the Excel to go places others can only imagine. Whether in the deep timber of Arkansas, the beautiful backwaters of the Everglades, mystical swamps of Louisiana or the shallow vast grass marshes of the West, this is the boat to own.

Adjustable Stand Up Bar


Our Excel heavy duty stand up bar has three height adjustments. The bar also folds down into the boat as needed - just pull the pin. The stand up bar mounts to the convenient gunwale accessory rail and can be moved forward or backwards to fit the operator. The grip is made by Oury, known for their tough motor cross handle bar grips that grip when wet. Doesn't get any better than this.


In the background is our Pro Hull Orca cooler/cushion seat option. Boat comes standard with a dry storage box seat.

LED Headlight Option


The twin LED 5800 lumen headlight guides you through the darkest marshes or timber. The lights can be adjusted upwards or downwards as needed for your boat design, and the lights rotate around for backing the boat. Turn the light to the side to put out your decoys.


The headlight switch is located on the driver control panel.

Water Resistant Storage


All our water resistant storage and gun boxes have a raised lip that fits into the box lid. This feature prevents normal rainfall and water splashes from getting into the sealed box below. However, be careful at car washes where high pressure spray can seep up and over the water resistant seal.


This feature is a premium standard feature on all Excel brand boats.

Built-In Fuel Tank Option


The optional built-in 11 gallon fuel tank is a convenient add on feature for your new Excel boat. Included is a front deck mesh cover with two storage pockets. The tank filler is located on the front deck for easy access. Meets all current EPA fuel tank evaporative rule requirements.


Excel Duck Boat